Friday, October 31, 2014

What Are Stamped Concrete Overlays?

Stamping is the process of creating a stone-like appearance on your existing concrete. 

After thoroughly cleaning and preparing the surface, a 1/4" thick overlay is poured on to the floor and the stone appearance created by pressing a patterned rubber matt directly into it while it's still soft. Textures such as granite, sandstone, pavers and slate can be created. Once the material has hardened, the final coloring is done through an acid or water staining.

Trowel Downs - These are freehand random effects toweled (material is pushed around using a flat steel handle) directly into the overlay material while it is still wet. It can be made to imitate stone surfaces while maintaining a relatively flat surface. Because the process is quicker and uses less material than a traditional stamped overlay, it's generally a more economical option for those seeking a stone-like surface.

Skim Coats - If your exterior concrete has an issue, a skim coat is an economical remedy. A skim coat overlay is a thin layer of special cement that is applied to the surface of your existing concrete, opening up new decorative possibilities. A skim coat can fix leveling problems, or if you have extended your patio, blend in new and existing sections of concrete. It tends to have a grainier texture that is more slip resistant than other types of overlays such as a micro finish which we normally do for interior concrete floors.      

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