Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tips on Repairing and Cleaning Grout and Tile

If you are considering repairing or perhaps restoring your bathroom tile and grout, there are a few things to keep in mind.

If you see cracked, broken, chipped or hollow damaged tile and grout on the walls surrounding the shower or bath, it should be repaired immediately. These types of damages will eventually lead to a more serious problem and can cost you a significant amount of money in further repairs.

For cleaning tile and grout, the damaged tile must be carefully removed without damaging the surrounding tiles. The floor must also be thoroughly cleaned and prepared for a solid bond with the new tile. Only then can the new grout be applied and the surface completely and thoroughly cleaned.  If you are not thorough with your preparation, the tile may not bond well and eventually crack or hollow out.

 Here are some tips for cleaning grout and tile:
  • Remove existing grout and caulk from shower
  • Clean water deposits and other materials from tile
  • Spray to kill mold and mildew where possible
  • Apply new grout using a quality-fortified grout
  • Apply caulking where necessary
  • Apply industrial quality sealer in grout lines is suggested
Click here to view before and after pictures of showers that have had their grout and tile cleaned. 
When you see damaged tile and grout in the shower it must also be replaced immediately. These issues may seem menial and insignificant but they can lead to serious problems behind the tile. Shower tile can become damaged from water leaking through to the backer board. Water damage will affect the sheetrock beneath the tile and eventually damage the sheetrock. This can lead to all types of issues including mildew and mold. For wall damage repairs, The Stone Medic uses Wonderboard. Wonderboard has a  concrete backing and fiberglass mesh. The super strong material is perfect for installation in shower and bath environments. It is called Wonderboard because it will never rot or become affected by water.

Broken and cracked tiles can be removed and replaced with new tiles. At Stone Medic professionals can perfectly cut the old tile out and replace it with new pieces. In the process they also repair missing, broken and cracked grout. 

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