Thursday, March 22, 2012

Renewing Your Old Shower

People head to the shower for one feel clean again. There is nothing more unattractive and unappealing in a home than a dirty shower and bathroom. Polls have shown it's not uncommon for  friends and visitors to pull back a shower curtain when visiting your restroom, just out of plain curiosity.

If you have cleaned your shower endlessly but it still looks run down and dirty...we can help. For a fraction of the cost to replace that dirty old shower, we can make it look new again within one day.

No mess. No hassle. 100% guaranteed.

Please see more of our before and after pictures at to witness how we can transform your bathroom and floors.

Stone Medic is a leader in restoring and renewing hard surfaces such a tiles, marble, stone, terrazzo and other surfaces where grout is commonly found. We clean grout professionally, kill existing mold and mildew, re-grout and use industrial quality sealer. We also caulk where necessary. Stop heading to that indoor outhouse and let us transform your bathroom back to its tranquil roots.

We service Tampa, St Petersburg, Clearwater and all of the Tampa Bay area. Contact us for a free estimate.