Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Why We Use the Dry Restoration Process to Restore Terrazzo Floors

Terrazzo can be restored using either a wet or dry process. Wet grinding uses water to eliminate the dust created by grinding. Dry restoration uses sophisticated dust collectors to collect the dust without the use of water.

Wet Restoration creates messy slurry that must be collected and disposed of. This dirty slurry can seep underneath walls, cabinets, doors and adjoining surfaces creating problems that might not be noticed for years.

Dry Restoration is the newest advancement in surface restoration. With dry restoration no water is required. Instead, the grinding equipment is connected to a HEPA dust containment system where virtually all of the dust particles are collected. No water is used so you don’t have to be concerned with dirty slurry seeping under walls, cabinets and adjoining areas.

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