Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Benefits of Installing Mexican (Saltillo) Tile

Mexican tile has long been a favorite way to capture a rustic, southwest or Spanish look in your home. Professionally known as Saltillo tile, it can add the perfect flavor of a rich outdoor feel. 

Saltillo is compromised mostly, if not completely of clay. It is very porous and therefore very versatile. It can be colored, sealed and finished in infinite ways to create many different looks to suit any decor. Please have a look at The Stone Medic website to see different examples of Saltillo tile in homes and outdoors.

Mexican (Saltillo) Tile Creates a Rich Outdoor Feel
The key to keeping this porous tile looking new is using proper sealer and re-sealing it when needed. Saltillo tile may need more maintenance than other types of tiles depending on foot traffic and abrasive cleaning techniques. If your Saltillo tile has not been maintained properly it may need to be stripped and resealed. Stripping is completed by using a serious of products suitable to remove the specific type of sealer. Once it has been stripped and detailed, it can be treated as though it is a new installation, allowing for beautiful coloring, staining and finishing.

The Stone Medic specializes in making old Saltillo with old grout look brand new again. We hand apply only the best sealer and guarantee our work. If would rather have a professional handle the tedious work of giving your floor a facelift, please contact us at 813-818-7555 or 727-530-3555. We guarantee our work and are locally owned and operated in the greater Tampa Bay area. We also give free estimates.

Please visit our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and have a look at our website for more information and before and after pictures of our work.

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