Sunday, February 1, 2015

Metallic Epoxy Concrete Floor Finishes

Metallic Epoxy Flooring is the most exciting technology breakthrough in the concrete flooring industry in years. 

There is no other system that has the appeal, depth, luster and three dimensional visual effect as Metallic Epoxy. Metallic Epoxy helps create a unique one-of-a-kind look and brilliant finish to any concrete surface. Customers seeking an exceptional look for their floor will be captivated by the ability of Metallic Epoxy to transform any area into one of distinction.

Metallic Epoxy is the most luxurious concrete coatings available today!

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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Can you fix the cracks in my concrete?

We can fill and close cracks in the concrete; however we cannot guarantee that they won’t return. 

Cracks in concrete are a given. Normally cracks should be limited to hairline cracking with minimal separation as all structural concrete is reinforced internally. Cracks do not necessarily detract from the appearance of the floor, we often incorporate them in our overlay designs by running grout lines over them and they add “personality” to the floor when we do staining.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Why should pavers be sealed??

Why Should Pavers Be Sealed?
Pavers today are mostly made of concrete, which is a porous material, susceptible to all kinds of staining and marking. Oil, grease and rust are very difficult to remove from unsealed pavers because they are so easily absorbed. Unsealed pavers retain water for long periods, creating and ideal situation for mold and mildew to grow.
  • Protects against the intense Florida sun and other natural elements.
  • Protects Pavers from oil, rust and other stains
  • Inhibits weed growth, insect intrusion and mildew.
  • Enhances the look of the pavers.
  • Provides Structural Integrity by locking the joint sand in place
There is no question that a properly sealed paver surface looks better than its un-sealed counterpart. Whether it is a natural or wet look sealer our clients notice a substantial deepening of the stones natural color, as well as a crisp elegant look that can be finished in a Natural or Wet Look.
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Friday, October 31, 2014

What Are Stamped Concrete Overlays?

Stamping is the process of creating a stone-like appearance on your existing concrete. 

After thoroughly cleaning and preparing the surface, a 1/4" thick overlay is poured on to the floor and the stone appearance created by pressing a patterned rubber matt directly into it while it's still soft. Textures such as granite, sandstone, pavers and slate can be created. Once the material has hardened, the final coloring is done through an acid or water staining.

Trowel Downs - These are freehand random effects toweled (material is pushed around using a flat steel handle) directly into the overlay material while it is still wet. It can be made to imitate stone surfaces while maintaining a relatively flat surface. Because the process is quicker and uses less material than a traditional stamped overlay, it's generally a more economical option for those seeking a stone-like surface.

Skim Coats - If your exterior concrete has an issue, a skim coat is an economical remedy. A skim coat overlay is a thin layer of special cement that is applied to the surface of your existing concrete, opening up new decorative possibilities. A skim coat can fix leveling problems, or if you have extended your patio, blend in new and existing sections of concrete. It tends to have a grainier texture that is more slip resistant than other types of overlays such as a micro finish which we normally do for interior concrete floors.      

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Polished Concrete Color Chart

Colors shown are approximate representations of laboratory samples. Due to variations of job site conditions, actual colors shown on color charts can and will vary slightly. Conditions that will cause variation are inconsistent slump (water content), finishing and curing methods, weather conditions, and concrete raw materials. A job-site or test slab sample should be made using specified materials, and the finishing and curing techniques to be used. For color consistency, batch to batch uniformity must be maintained. The use of computers or other electronic devises for viewing colors are subject to the influence of differences in screen resolution, color balance, etc. and should not be utilized for determination of actual project color results.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What are the benefits of using polished concrete as flooring?

Due to its low cost, long life and durability, Polished Concrete has been used in warehouses and industrial facilities for many years. With the invention of the dry polishing system, polished concrete is now used in residential, retail, commercial and decorative concrete applications also. The aesthetic beauty, and ability to customize can be used by everyone looking for a beautiful, low maintenance, healthy floor.

Benefits include:

  • Low Maintenance
  • Beautiful
  • Cost-Effective
  • Durability
  • Healthy Floors
  • Increased Ambient Lighting
  • More Slip Resistant 

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Metallic Epoxy Surfaces

Are you considering new flooring for your residence or business? 

Learn about designer metallic epoxies. Metallic Epoxy is the most luxurious concrete coatings available today.

Originally designed for the Casino Industry where appearance and durability is priority, these floors are now available to all commercial and residential customers. Not only are Metallic Epoxy Floors beautiful and versatile, they are seamless, highly durable and environmentally friendly flooring option for commercial and residential applications. The appearance of Metallic Flooring can be enhanced by several application methods creating a floor that can never be duplicated.

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